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      Thank you for your interest in becoming a supporting member of Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society. The membership dues are only $20.00 yearly. There are many benefits of the membership to OSRAS. You will be supporting a club who's mission is to spread the knowledge of reef hobbyists which will help other reefers in the growth of their tanks. Also, you are eligible to certain "membership card holders only" raffles and discounts at various local fish stores and club events. You can pay at a club meeting, or by using paypal here, I will send you the card through the mail, or you can pick it up at the next meeting. If you would like, an email can be sent to you confirming your membership purchase.

       The OSRAS web site and forum are free for all to use, but becoming a supporting member of the Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society has so much more to offer. And we hope you'll join the club! OSRAS has meetings every month to talk about fish, corals and aquariums. Most meetings have a qualified speaker offering a fascinating presentation. We serve refreshments,worth the cost of dues alone,with raffles and giveaways. You can get some real great deals! But that's not all you will get with society membership. Besides meeting a fun and lively group of fellow fish geeks, you will find a very active club. Several times a year we make group excursions. Past examples include the Ocean Emplorium and Biomes! We also attend auctions, swap meets, and other special events hosted by regional aquarium societies in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. We also host our own Annual Reef Aquarium Conference with vendors and exhibitions from across America and Canada, plus world reknown speakers with exciting topics about our reef hobby. Once a year, we host the BlueWave Frag Swap with great deals on corals, fish and supplies. You can also sell your own excess livestock and equipment to make a few bucks. And we're working up ideas for more adventures. Maybe you have an idea to help our club have even more fun. Everyone is welcome to join! We have members of all ages and all experience levels from beginners setting up their first tanks, to expert hobbyists who have been keeping fish for decades. We have members who are, or have been, breeders, aquarium store managers or owners. So come have some fun! Come learn more about corals and fish! And come let us get to know you. Admission to all meetings are free!

Club Memberships