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How To Start a New Topic

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  • How To Start a New Topic

    1. Login with your screenname and password
    2.The forum page should come up. If not click on "forums" top left.
    3. Scroll to the forum you would like to start your new topic in. (there are forums and sub forums)example....scroll to the Reef Discussion forum... below the main "Reef Discussion" name the are sub forum names..General reef discussion ..Tank Builds..Member polls ..Algaes...Do It yourself DIY.. pick the one you would like to start your topic in and click on it. A page with come up with topics. Click on "Start Topic".
    4. Name your topic and put your question. Any questions, reply to this topic with a post and I will help. Your topic will show up in "todays posts"

    Rich Hogan
    OSRAS Founder, Administrator
    OSRAS President 2012-Present....120g,32" Trigger sump, Supreme 9.5 return pump, jebao wp-40 (I have to add another PH) Aquamaxx Skimmer

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    OK thanks rich.


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      yes thank you . i need to know this for a while! i was always jumping off of someone else post! maybe, if you have can put up.. how to pictures up on the forum would be the next instruction post ! please